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Our Partners

Our Promise

With direct, transparent communication and accountability you can trust, we provide institutional-level service to both institutional and individual investors.

Strong Partnerships

Our relationships aren’t built around a single investment. They’re longstanding partnerships with select individuals, institutional investors, brokers, and tenants who have the resources, knowledge, and track record to help us create opportunities and realize full profit potential.

Rigorous Methodology

We take our management responsibility and conduct seriously. We base our investment decisions on a proven, flexible methodology that considers all aspects of an opportunity, from cultural trends and neighborhood demographics to value-add results year-over-year.

Open & Honest Communication

When you invest with us, you work with us—not intermediaries. Our investors return time and again, because we keep them informed of our progress, stay transparent about emerging risks, and promise a direct line to someone who is managing the investment.

Dutiful Integrity

Serious about our responsibility to our investors, we strive to create the right fit. We ensure alignment between our investors’ goals and opportunities through candor, for example, stressing up front not to rely on SKB for cash flow since we focus on growth.

A Vested Interest

We bring our own funds to virtually every investment we make and manage. We have a stake in each opportunity we put forward, sharing the returns and the risk with our investors. After our investors succeed, we succeed.

Urban Industrial

Suburban Mixed-Use

Our strategies center on transformation, with a focus on urban industrial and suburban mixed-use real estate. We target properties with core-plus, value-add, and opportunistic risk profiles with key characteristics.

  • Impaired or undervalued due to temporary market conditions, poor ownership or management, leasing problems, or financing challenges

  • Off-market properties or failed-escrow situations

  • Potential to become the next great neighborhood (e.g., proximity to transit)

  • Located in our markets: Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Denver & Phoenix

Investing in Innovation

With an appreciation for the past and a vibrant vision of the future, we create opportunities for community and growth.

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