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ScanlanKemperBard is a privately held real estate merchant bank based in Portland, Oregon. We acquire, manage and transform commercial properties into profitable, risk-adjusted returns for select high-net-worth individuals, family offices, trusts, and institutional investors. Since our founding over two decades ago, we have originated more than $3.82 billion in total portfolio activity.

Our success is the result of practiced intuition and rigor, trusted partnerships and a single-minded commitment to create and preserve wealth for those who partner with us – and SKB – in that order.



Total Deals Realized




Total Portfolio Activity



Square Feet Acquired



Partners (managing $3 trillion)

What We Offer

Where others see coordinates on a map, vacancy rates and square footage, we see unrealized value. Our strengths come from several places, including:
  • A performance-driven team with deep insight into commercial real estate
  • Prowess in the markets where we invest
  • Established relationships with 10 institutional investors managing a combined $3 trillion
  • Longstanding, strategic partnerships with service providers in local markets
  • Expertise in structuring transactions, underwriting and maximizing assets

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